Program Highlights

The course provides an opportunity for students to complete internships with top corporates, and education is imparted through case studies that focus on diverse industries. Students are also exposed to top corporate professionals who guide them through their first-hand experience.

The students will be able to focus on high growth sectors including Financial Services & Banking, Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, FMCG, Manufacturing, BPO & IT services. The students can choose two sectors in the final year for specialization.

Students at JRE get the opportunity to work on Live Projects with companies. Here, they get an opportunity to get hands on experience of how they would actually get to work while they are ‘On the Job’. The experience of these projects go a long way in adding value to the skill set of the students.

At JRE, Faculty mentors as well as Industry mentors guide the student at every step during their 2 years of the program. The mentors help the student to maximize their potential by guiding him or her through all aspects of the individual’s personal growth, academic learning and skill development. The industry mentors share their corporate experiences and give the students an insight to the corporate world.

JRE promotes the highest levels of ethical and socially responsible behavior and decision-making. These core values are embedded in teaching all subjects.

Holistic education that incorporate aspects of educational, social, physical, emotional and spiritual development is considered to be critical to overall learning. This includes sessions on stress management, time management, art of living (relevant course), interview facing skills, placement workshops etc.



The curriculum is designed by both industry experts and academicians to create a solid link between conceptual knowledge and the practical requirements of today’s business world. The course structure facilitates a four – dimensional learning:

  • Facilitating an in-depth understanding of the key concepts.
  • Providing opportunities for understanding the links between conceptual understanding and practical applications.
  • Applying the concepts in actual or simulated environments.
  • Reviewing and analyzing the links between given business situations and the concepts learned.
  • Case studies, live projects, regular business presentations, industry interactions etc. provide a real life experience to the students.
  • The HBS case studies give great exposure and learning to the students.
  • At the Harvard corner, the students can access the case studies right from the inception of Harvard Business School and many online prestigious books of management.



Every student is exposed to four levels of mentorship.

1. Faculty Mentor

2. Frontline Managers

3. VP/GM Level Mentor

4. CEO Level Mentor

This allows for a wide area of support for each student at various levels. Students are nurtured and taken care of, that will help them shape their future.

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