Clubs at JRE

JRE has high expectations from its participating students and securing a place is highly competitive. It has been designed for individuals willing to work in a learning environment encompassing a wide spectrum of knowledge. The program focuses on the development of leadership skills, innovative & out-of-the-box thinking and mature decision-making processes. To accomplish this, the Institute expects the students to be motivated, open minded and willing to bring fresh approaches to the world of engineering. The students must be prepared to put in additional hours before and after interaction with the faculty and should always have a ready-to-learn attitude.

Although most of the time of budding engineers and managers focus on academics, the various clubs and committees encourage informal interactions through a range of different interests. Learning beyond the classroom is an integral part of the JRE experience and the various student clubs provide an opportunity to practice and hone inherent skills and talents. The culture at JRE promotes learning, teamwork and leadership which helps our graduates to fully develop the qualities required for a great career.

Students who are suitable for this program are:

  • Keen Learners
  • Disciplined
  • High in Energy
  • Creative
  • Excited by Challenges
  • Able to Communicate Effectively
  • Demonstrate High Integrity
  • Flexible in Approach
  • Self Confident
  • Good in Interpersonal Skills

Hence, JRE has various clubs formed and headed by students themselves, a culture initiated by pioneer batches and carried by juniors as the legacy. These clubs provide a platform to students for exposure, self-exploration and much more.There are several Clubs at JRE, divided on basis of interest groups. A student can be a part of more than one club too.