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Why Engineering?

In recent years the main applications for Engineering have shifted from the military to include virtually all aspects of day to day life in modern society. The eminent scientist and Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein put it best when he said, "Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been”. Choosing what to study in higher education is one of the most important decisions an individual will ever make and selecting Engineering is a smart, exciting choice that will challenge the intellect and stimulate creativity.

Engineering at JRE

Currently, there is a huge demand for engineers both in India and overseas. It is important that institutes of higher learning provide the skills necessary for graduates to secure suitable employment, to become outstanding employees, managers or leaders and to earn a good living. It is also important that the education process takes into consideration the overall development of the students and provides an understanding of the scope of engineering along with required subject knowledge and fundamental communication skills. JRE focuses closely on these critical issues and provides a holistic education whereby the needs of all students are met. Modern, stimulating pedagogy, individual mentoring, industry driven knowledge and communication skills are critical aspects of education at JRE.
Additionally, in the second year of study the mentoring process will help the students to focus on one or more specific areas relating to their future goals.

The key areas are:
1. Higher Education
2. Employability
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Research

If the student targets “Higher Education” the mentoring process will help to guide him / her in terms of preparing for advanced level studies, or if the student focuses on “Employment”, then he / she would be encouraged to pursue Professional Certification and Soft Skills Training to support securing a relevant position in MNCs. Experienced faculty members, counselors, industrial practitioners and professionals along with members of the Academic Advisory Council shall closely monitor the overall process to ensure that all students make the best and most informed decisions about their future.
Collaboration with professional bodies and support from executives and IIT professors from India and overseas, enable individual students to fine tune their education and open up employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in national and international markets. The research support, ongoing mentorship, digital library, e-journals and academic activities, on and off campus, enable students to remain close to the latest trends in research and operations.

Celebrating Milestones:

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