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Innovation marks its presence at the JRE Seminar

by JRE PR TEAM 16. March 2012 15:25


“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” – Albert Einstein


Take a look around you. Chances are that you now have those things with you which were unheard of just a decade ago. This in itself stands out as a strong evidence of how innovation and advancements are crucial to our world. To discuss innovation and drive bright young minds towards working for a better world; JRE had recently organised a Seminar upon ‘Innovation and Emerging Trends in Engineering’ at their campus in NOIDA. The event, graced by professors from IIT Delhi and speakers from the IET, took place on the 13th of March this year and had engaging discussions for Engineering as well as Management students.


Academic President of the JRE Group of institutions, Professor Steve Rawlinson; put his point across quoting the legendary inventor Thomas Edison who had famously said, “I will not say I failed a 1000 times, I’ll say I discovered a thousand ways that might cause failure.” He followed it up with a highly motivational speech for students, urging them to keep an open mind that explores every possibility within its reach.


Professor S.S. Murthy from the IIT Delhi, strongly advised students to stay forever in line with reality – in order to help better lives and the country’s standard of living. He stressed that practicality was of primary importance in engineering innovations, and that a multifaceted approach to living always helps.


Another stalwart Professor from IIT Delhi, Mr. S.K. Koul; emphasised upon the need to collaborate with international universities and research facilities for better knowledge transfer. He even invited JRE students to come visit his Microwave Laboratory at the IIT Delhi for gaining insights into his work.


Professor P.V.M Rao of IIT Delhi however, chose to put things in perspective right from the word go; demonstrating the development of an electronic stick that is of immense help to the visually impaired!  Apart from these speakers, Professor S K Gupta from IIT Delhi explained the role of computers in our lives and Mr. Ramesh Negi, Chairman of the YPS-IET Delhi; spoke about the many benefits of technology and innovation. JRE students too, on their part, responded with great interest; and brought out many questions and ideas that got everyone’s grey cells fired up. The fascinating session brought out many interesting ideas, which, with any luck, we may all see one day in our daily lives.


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