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Scope in Electronic Engineering

by Sonam Bansal 8. September 2011 13:10

One of the fastest growing fields of engineering, Electronics Engineering is that branch which deals with the applications that make our life so much more easy and comfortable such as, the computer, telephone, television, radio and other similar telecommunication systems. These electronic engineers work with fiber optics and microprocessors and are responsible for supervising the manufacturing process, the production and installation of the above mentioned devices. Sometimes they also work in teams to set up electronic equipments for hospitals, mines, computer industries and the like. 

Electronic Engineering is a field that is constantly changing and widening and being one of the most labour intensive fields, has the power to provide career and job opportunities to plenty of qualified and skilled candidates. After a degree in this particular branch of engineering, a person can get easily find employment in the telephone industries, the aviation departments, in factories that deal with electronic consumer goods, in the radio services, in manufacturing companies and even in governmental sectors like MTNL, AIR, etc. In fact, Electronic Engineers are also needed in the defense and in plenty of research laboratories.  And if they want, these engineers can also start their own business by manufacturing electronic goods, their parts and other components. Therefore, one can evidently see that the scope of a degree in Electronic Engineering is indeed quite huge!

At the JRE Group of Institutes, the students are guaranteed of a truly global experience through JRE’s partnership with two of the largest educational companies – Raffles, Singapore and Educomp, India. Students who choose to pursue a BTech degree in Electronic Engineering from here will get to experience the best quality education with focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and in solving real-world practical problems. The institute has been developed keeping in mind the highest international standards and has the latest state-of-art infrastructure so as to ensure that their technological capabilities meet the cutting edge requirements of the industry in order to promote learning. And finally the JRE Group sees to it that every student always remain motivated and challenged by being part of a lively, enjoyable and active community of learning. 


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