“The Management at JRE Group of Institutions, with intent to encourage and support academically meritorious students, is offering scholarships to our Engineering and Management students. JRE is offering scholarships to the students selected by the JRE management through the given eligibility criteria and personal interview. The decision of the JRE Management to qualify a student for scholarship is final.”


The eligibility and scholarship amount is as given below. The students will have to pay the remaining tuition fee and other fees in full. The proposed scholarships are not based on income, quotas, caste, physical handicap, minorities or any other criteria.

The final list will be declared in a month’s time for the engineering after the classes have begun and the fee would be adjusted in the second semester.


JRE PGDM – Scholarship
Sr.No Category Score (%age) Gender Amount (INR)
1 CAT/XAT Above 90% Male 100,000
2 CAT/XAT Above 88% Female 100,000
3 CAT/XAT 85% to 90% Male 75,000
4 CAT/XAT 83% to 88% Female 75,000
5 CAT/XAT 80% to 84% Male 50,000
6 CAT/XAT 78% to 82% Female 50,000
7 MAT Above 99% Male 100,000
8 MAT Above 98.5% Female 100,000
9 MAT 97% to 99% Male 50,000
10 MAT 95% to 98.5% Female 50,000

Note: Scholarship amount will be adjusted only in the last semester Fee Payment.


Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) – Scholarship


EDUCOMP RAFFLES offers Scholarships at JRE Group of Institutions – School of Engineering


EDUCOMP RAFFLES strongly believes in encouraging the young minds to surpass their potential by learning in a technology-enabled environment. To acknowledge its participation to make dreams achievable for high potential academic achievers, EDUCOMP RAFFLES offers scholarships to students enrolled in the technology driven B.TECH programs at JRE Group of Institutions- School of Engineering, covering some percentage of expenses of the program.


JRE Group of Institutions- School of Engineering scholarships for the Academic Session beginning 2013 are structured as follows:


Class XII (PCM %) Scholarship Branches applicable
60 to 65 Rs. 48,000 All except CSE
Above 65 till 70 Rs. 60,000 All except CSE
Above 70 till 80 Rs. 72,000 All except CSE
Above 80 till 85 Rs. 1,00,000 All
Above 85 till 90 Rs. 1,25,000 All
Above 90 till 94 Rs. 1,75,000 All
Above 95 Rs. 2,50,000 All

Scholarship will be adjusted with 2nd semester fee every year.