JRE Celebrates Mars Orbiter Mission’s Success

The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also called Mangalyaan “Mars-craft” is a Mars orbiter which was launched into Earth orbit on 5 November 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It was successfully inserted into Mars orbit on 24 September 2014, making India the first Asian nation to send a satellite into Mars orbit, and the first nation in the world to do so on its first attempt.

The mission is a “technology demonstrator” project aiming to develop the technologies required for design, planning, management, and operations of an interplanetary mission. It carries five instruments, one of which, a methane detector, will particularly advance knowledge about Mars.

To celebrate this success, Phoenix club of JRE Group of Institutions organized a talk over “Mars Orbiter Mission’s success” on September 25, 2014. They beautifully presented India’s past achievements, and demonstrated the true Pride which every Indian holds, deep inside his heart.

The program started with anchors congratulating every Indian for the success this great nation achieved, of successfully accomplishing Mars Orbiter Mission in its first attempt, and being the first Asian Nation to do so, and being the first nation to accomplish it in its first attempt.


The program was followed by a presentation of past achievements of India, by Aditi & Aditya, from Phoenix. JRE’s Campus Director, Dr.Rao then addressed the audience, and congratulated all the students, appreciated the efforts of coordinators to organize the event, and inspired students to pursue such aims.

Such a vast achievement is not easy to comprehend, hence another presentation was scheduled from Phoenix, which consisted the detailed explanation of the Mars Orbiter Mission. The presentation was delivered by Pinky Rawat, and was directed by Sajel Saxena.

Later, Mr.Siddhart Mukherjee was invited to share his views, who motivated students to step in ISRO and such organizations. He also explained the advantages of “Dreaming BIG” and inspired students to hold high targets in life.

The event was dedicated to ISRO’s Success in Mars Orbit Mission and JRE Group of Institutions holds high expectations such as this accomplishment, from its budding Engineers and Managers.

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