Workshop on “LABVIEW”

JRE CAMPUS, 20th September, 2014: A seminar on “LABVIEW” was conducted on 20th of September, 2014 by ECE and AEI department. The workshop was attended by all the 3rd Year ECE & AEI students along with faculty members.


The workshop was conducted in  two sessions. Mr. Mritunjay Rai, and Ms. Ahana Malhotra of AEI  and ECE department have  explained the fundamentals and  application of LABVIEW in first  session. The second session was on practical application and was  conducted by Ms. Shubhangi  Rastogi on NI LABVIEW software.

The students have learned the fundamentals of LABVIEW. They designed and simulated several application based instruments such as adder using while loop, matrix multiplication, etc. Several programs such as seven segment display, loop analysis of a given network, factorial of a given numbers are discussed and given to the students for the assignments. The Students also learned about the concept of DAQ device and its working along with the application.

In the end Mr. Mritunjay Rai, Ms. Shubhangi Rastogi and Ms. Ahana Malhotra have extended their thanks to Dr. Rao, Dean, SOE and Dr. R.K. Yadav, HOD, ECE & AEI for their support in conducting the workshop successfully.


– Electronics & Communication Department, School Of Engineering

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