JRE-SOM students Apoorv Chaturvedi & Yogesh Sood becomes Entrepreneur

Yogesh Sood from Amristar, and Apoorv Chaturvedi from Lucknow, started their journey joining PGDM program at JRE School of Management to urge right education and eventually  employment; however their dream was a lot  larger than merely employment so as  that they  went ahead to line up a Recycle  trading company – ECO GREEN. They had already spotted the opportunity in this business while they were moving into second year of PGDM and commenced with marketing research on scrap,     e-waste and recycling around Greater Noida area where the college was situated. Right away the results were encouraging and they noticed a unique proposition in this business, from the consumer point of view as well as Recycler point of view.

They created a business setup and an intelligent move was whereas they were making business plan for obtaining funding, they already had orders in hand. They presented the plan to Board Members at JRE School of Management and got initial seed funding of Rs 2.00 lacs and warehouse space support from college, and after that there was no looking back.

Today the Company serves quite 600 households and has clients like Wipro Limited, Jaypee Infrastructure Limited, Army Welfare Housing Group,   Unitech Infrastructure Limited.

The Company is permitted for the trading of any variety of scraps like Papers, metals, E-waste etc. apart from better services and competitive rates the company issues the Recycling Certificate to the desired companies who have sold their materials to ECO-GREEN RECYCLING Pvt. Ltd.

Vision & Mission of Our Entrepreneur: Apoorv Chaturvedi & Yogesh Sood

“Our vision is to be the No.1 scrap trading company of Asia, a company which has the USP of disposing any type of waste”.

“Our mission here at ECO-GREEN RECYCLING Pvt. Ltd is to continuously offer world class customer service in the exportation of scrap.”

I choose PGDM from JRE-SOM because it is one of the few  Insimage (18)titutions in India that offer Practical Based Learning. I thrive  within the positive learning environment and made full use of the  on-campus facilities. I thank to JRE for guiding and helping me  towards my Entrepreneurial venture.

As a student of JRE SOM, I give thank to JRE for guiding and helping me towards my Entrepreneurial venture. The curriculum is so creative and current, and has been conceived to remain so with every passing semester, that it is hard to imagine a more progressive manner in which to achieve my master’s degree.”

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