Pushkar Sarangdhar Shares his Overall Learning Experience at JRE School of Management

While I used to be in my Graduation I was unsure on what career path would be right for me. I made a decision to try to do PGDM, merely needed a platform to perform and enhance my ability set. I had done fair amount of research to find a decent PGDM program that best suited my needs and was right as per the industry demands and trends. The full-time PGDM programme at JRE School of Management offered the right mixture of business learning with the correct balance of academic learning with Industry exposure.

JRE School of Management has widened my ability set.  With proper mentoring and steering from the faculty mentors, has shown me the way to follow my dreams and walk on the correct track. JRE School of Management helped me to enhance my skills, thought me to talk confidently and pushed me to think out of the box thereby enhancing my skills and vision to think beyond. Another distinctive feature of the program is class participation, Management Summit, Seminar, Workshops and Guest lecturers taken by Industry leaders provided us a platform to network and meet such a range of Leaders and learn from them.

JRE School of Management not solely supported me with grooming and overall development however conjointly given me the placement opportunity to achieve my goal by showing the correct track at every level.

Such opportunities complete our business education in a holistic manner, ensuring we become effective leaders for our entire careers ahead of us.

I’m proud to be a JREian.

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