JRE Launches Its First International Academic Journal IJLLT

12 February 2014, JRE Campus: One of the most important aspects of the learning environment for serious academics is a culture of continuous research. It provides a critical context for ongoing development and refinement with regard to the world’s body of knowledge, and encourages an ongoing opportunity for self reflection and review in terms of individual and collective growth and learning.  A good academic journal consists of research papers that reveal new insights into some aspects of research and are, in some way, capable of bringing substantial changes in their respective fields. The International Journal of Literature, Language and Theory (IJLLT: ISSN 2347-355X), a biannual peer-reviewed journal, aims at bringing together those cannons and new practices that impact the way we look at literature and language. IJLLT boasts a truly international Editorial Advisory Board with members from reputed universities in India, Canada, USA and New Zealand. The Editor-in-Chief, Prof. A. K. Awasthi is a well known figure in the literary world and the editors, Dr. Garima Jha and Mr. Savya Sachi, have rich experience in the fields of literature as well as language.

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JRE Group of Institutions, one of the leading institutes in the field of engineering and management, has always been committed to excellence in academics. The first Issue if IJLLT has been launched in line with this institutional objective and, as a ‘JRE Group of Institutions Publication’, aims to actively encourage and promote quality research across and between all disciplines. More than fifty contributions were submitted and, through the blind-review process, one of the markers of a credible journal, twelve papers were ultimately approved for publication. Through this process, JRE is assured of the quality of these papers and is delighted to present them in the first edition of this new journal. IJLLT is unique in being published from an engineering and management institution and, with great sincerity, acknowledges the importance of language and literature in truly holistic learning, a lynchpin of JRE’s value system.

Prof. Stephen Rawlinson, Academic President-JRE, in his opening speech promised to sustain the quality of journal, and emphasized that the publication of any journal from any institution is marker of its seriousness and commitment towards academics. Prof. Steve shared his views regarding reading, communication and embracing the world of literature, and also encouraged all faculty members to not only develop their research and publications output for other journals, but to also consider developing their own. In his message, Prof. Anand Kumar Awasthi, Editor-in-Chief, IJLLT, congratulated all the team members for creating this excellent journal, and reminded us to maintain the drive to sustain quality and variety.  While speaking on this occasion Dr. Krishna Rao, Campus Director-JRE, said that the publication is the proof of strong willpower and positive thinking, and Dr. Vishal Talwar, Dean-School of Management, congratulated the team in bringing to life what started out as a just a dream.  He went on to say that IJLLT, because of its nature and positivity, would go a long way in establishing itself as a landmark academic endeavour. Prof. Mahesh Gandhi noted the need for interdisciplinary academic journals, and stressed their importance in contributing to the changing world through presenting deep insights into art and the very foundations of culture and communication. Dr. Garima Jha, Head, the Department of English, JRE, gave thanks to the entire team who produced the journal and, whilst expressing gratitude for all the notable contributions, highlighted the importance of the Humanities as a discipline in developing critical thinking in individuals.  In his closing remarks, Mr. Savya Sachi, Assistant Professor, the Department of English, JRE, also expressed his thanks to the team and stressed the need for ongoing interdisciplinary research and studies.

In his congratulatory message, Prof. V. P. Singh, Professor-Department of English, University of Lucknow, said that IJLLT is a great initiative and has already “outshone many of the established journals in the field of literature, language and theory”. Prof. Christopher Winks, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, City University of New York, USA, also sent his congratulations and said that this was a clear, ‘…a testimony to hard work…’ Dr. Allan J. Ryan, New Sun Chair in Aboriginal Art and Culture, Carleton University, Canada and Prof. Binod Mishra, Department of HASS, IIT-Patna sent congratulatory messages, and expressed their wish that IJLLT would establish a benchmark in providing a platform and voice to different, developing schools of thought.

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