Guest Session on “Competency Mapping & Development” at JRE School of Management

On 8th Feb 2014, the JREians convened a guest lecture hosted by Mr. Rahul Garg, Vice President of Service Delivery at ZTE Telecom India Pvt Ltd. Previous he held the following positions: Global Field Engineer at Nokia Siemens Pvt Ltd, Head of Network Operations, LoB at Nokia Siemens Network, Competence Manager Value Added Services at Nokia India Pvt Ltd, Commissioning Engineer at Nokia De Venezuela and IRC Engineer at HCL Info System Ltd.

Mr. Rahul Garg has rich experience in various organizations and really enjoyed sharing his immense knowledge and experience in the HR sector with the PGDM students.

Executive summary

Mr. Garg emphasized the importance of competency mapping people in an organization, and shared some real-time examples (Nokia). He also explained the important pillars of an organization: culture, strategy, vision and mission and people, and shared interesting, practical examples of the 5 phases of the process.

Topics Discussed

Mr. Rahul Garg started the discussion by outlining the importance of HR in today’s organization. Previously, HR Managers covered activities including recruitment, selection, training and development, staffing and compensation. but noted that the role has changed in recent years.

He shared the example of Nokia and the launching of the iPhone (retina display) to create a competitive position in the market, but noted that Samsung launched before them. In terms of competitiveness, he highlighted the important pillars of the organization i.e. culture, strategy (mission and vision: long term and short term goals), the environment and the people, and made the link between competency and being the right candidate at right place.

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He also talked about the steps involved in the 6 month cycle of assessment of employees: PDP (People Development Program), CDP (Competence Development Planning), and then discussed possible outcomes from the assessment process including: career development, promotion, reward, lateral movement, short term incentive plans and performance bonuses.

He ended the session with an activity based on competency mapping for a given profile whereby students acquired practical knowledge on how to search for competitive candidates (right person, at the right time and at right place),

The students enjoyed the session and Mr. Garg was impressed with the active participation of the students and the quality of their questions.

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