Workshop on – “A Walk on Fire”

On 18th January 2014, JRE School of Management organized workshop entitled “Discover The Power Within You’. The event was a stupendous success with over more than 200 participants, comprising a “Who’s Who” from corporations, academia and students from other reputed colleges. The workshop was conducted by renowned NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) speaker Mr. P.S. Rathore.

The event included a host of activities including Sat Sampath-Way to reduce conflict and anxiety, VAK-Modality Identification Technique, Framework of Thought Process: Facilitating Strategic Thinking, Time Line Therapy: cleansing process of past limiting belief and Revamp Process. Conflict Resolution-Perception Expression and techniques including Matching and Mirroring: creating synergy with boss, customers and subordinates were also covered in the programme.


The highlight of the event was Agnipath- A Walk on Fire, whereby participants were able to “walk on fire”. This enabled each individual to enhance their ultimate confidence and belief-in-self.

The participants enthusiastically participated in all activities, and the response was overwhelming. The key learning achieved were increased self-confidence and belief.

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