Delegates from Hitachi Tokyo Visited JRE Campus

On the 29th of November delegates from Hitachi Tokyo visited the JRE campus. There were around 25 people with experience of 3 to 15 years.  The welcome took place at the President’s Office followed by a campus tour, and the guests were given a brief outline of the courses offered, the technologies used and an insight into education at JRE.  They were then taken to the Seminar Hall to meet with more faculty and students

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After brief presentations by Prof Steve, Prof Gandhi, Mr. Siddharth Mukherji, Dr. Rao and Dr. Pawan the students interacted with the delegates in small groups and individually, and learned about Hitachi culture, work expectations and even some information on Japanese language.  The delegates enjoyed learning about Indian culture and the spirit of collaboration and mutual interest was strong.  This meeting ended up with students making some friends with whom they hope to stay connected for life.

After interacting with students and faculty the visitors had high tea in the Boardroom after which there was a Q&A session with Prof Steve, Prof Gandhi,  Mr. Mukherji and Dr Pawan.  Many of the guests were interested in “doing business in India and with Indian people” and we were able to share some insights from both academic and practitioner perspectives.  The visitors were interested in topics ranging from inter-cultural communication, relationship building through to “jugar”

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