JRE CAMPUS: “Technomites”, the technical club of JRE SOE, in collaboration with Computer Society Of India (CSI) Student Chapter conducted a workshop on Animation and Flash “ANIMATRIX” on 29th October, 2013 at JRE Campus. The event was conducted by Nikhil Gupta (B.Tech 3rd Year-CSE), Jash Jhaveri (B.Tech 3rd Year-CSE) and Anshul Dwivedi(B.Tech 2nd Year-IT), and was designed to help students understand what animation is about and teach them the basic concepts of animation.

The tool Adobe Flash CS6 was used to introduce the complexity and usefulness of the concepts with the help of practical examples, and the level of enthusiasm and participation was high from students and faculty members alike. All participants enjoyed applying their creativity and imagination using this software and developing their skills.

The whole event was co-ordinated by Mr. Rohit Rathi, Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science (CSE) and assistance was provided by Mr. Jitendra, Lab Assistant, Department of CSE.

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