It was a pure delight to just watch the PGDM and B. Tech students as a JRE family just having fun together in a large aerobics class and then basic gymnastics on our tennis court.

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Thomas Rawlinson, former athlete and member of the UK gymnastics team and now professional performer in Macau, China gave a presentation in the auditorium and he led a gymnastics session on the tennis court.

This session was preceded by an aerobics class by Amy Ridge, also a gymnast and athletics coach.  Both the boys and girls participated with great enthusiasm and they were all supported by a large number of students, faculty, and support staff from all across JRE. It was terrific to see everybody just having fun and supporting each other with lots of laughter and smiling faces.

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Thanks to Satish Yadav, Manu, Cap. Sharma and all support staff  of JRE for making this run smoothly.

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