Guest Lecture on Performance Appraisal

November 19, 2013 JRE CAMPUS: “Performance Appraisal” encompasses a number of important processes used for the all-round development of employees in an organization. Performance is typically measured, in a systematic way, against factors including job knowledge, quality and quantity of output, initiative, leadership abilities, supervision, dependability, co-operation, judgment, versatility and health. Recognizing the importance of this tool for young managers, JRE School of Management, recently organized a guest lecture on the topic “Performance Appraisal Tools and Techniques”. The invited speaker, Dr. Yasmeen Rizvi is the Director, HR Learning System. She earned a PhD in SHRM from Aligarh Muslim University, and has served as a faculty member at IIM Lucknow.  Dr. Rizvi enriched the students’ understanding of these important processes by sharing her huge experience in teaching, research and in the corporate world.

The discussion revolved around the different kind of tools and techniques used in the performance appraisal, and Dr. Rizvi provided some practical applications of the tools and techniques, in real time, by sharing insights into annual performance appraisal process as used in the American Tower Corporation (ATC).

By citing an example of Circle Site Manager at ATC, Dr. Rizvi explained the importance of identifying and supporting the core competencies of employees and managers, and she outlined the role that performance appraisal plays in this. Performance appraisal requires proper evaluation methods, and she explained a 5 point rating scale as used in ATC: PL1-Outstanding Performer, PL2-Exceptional Performer, PL3-Quality Performer, PL4-Developmental, PL5-Corrective. “PL6-Too New to Work” is an additional category for employees that are new to the system and not eligible for effective performance appraisal. In order to give the students a better understanding of the subject, she facilitated a group activity to provide some real experience that was enjoyed by all.

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