Guest lecture by Mr Tushar Bhaskar ( Regional Manager of Dun and Bradstreet) on 16 Nov 2013.

“Sometimes, change in the approach of small things can bring a big difference in life.”

Most management students read the business newspaper daily and watch the financial news on TV, but often find it difficult to grasp the basic ideas behind the news, or get stuck on technical financial terms such as Repo Rate, CAD, SLR, Reverse Repo Rate, CRR, MSF, fiscal policy etc. The sessions delivered by Mr Tushar Bhaskar on the “Economic Scenario of India and its Indicators”, cleared up such terms, their use and their implications for the current economy of India.  The main focus of the sessions was to create a real world context for academic studies, to help students understand important terminology and to highlight the challenges that our economy is facing.

The sessions also focused on inflation and implications for the current economic scenario and, through examples, providing students with a clear idea about CPI and WPI.  The students were able to develop an understanding of money inflows, outflows and liquidity, and they enthusiastically participated in a vibrant discussion about the devaluation of Indian Rupee, FDI and FII investing and the consequences of FDI’s entering the Indian market.  Overall the session was very interesting and enriching and students were left with a lot of questions all of which were answered concisely and clearly by Mr. Bhaskar.

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