JRE Campus: English is no longer the language of power and prestige in India, but it has become the language of earning, survival and positive inclusive growth. Through the use of the Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller, and English has become a powerful tool of communication across the globe. JRE Group of Institutions has a strong commitment towards social needs and those sections of society that have remained deprived of facilities to grow.  Among its many initiatives, training support staff has been high on its priority list since JRE believes in developing skilled individuals on campus that have the desire and capability to support positive change in society.

The Laboratory Assistants and support staff including the housekeeping, pantry boys, security, gardener, carpenter and electrician receive training in the English language. The courses have been designed by Prof. Savya Sachi based on existing competencies and then progressively building on these.  The response to this initiative has been very positive and has started yielding excellent results.

The positive change in attitude, commitment to JRE and use of the English language has brought about a whole new dimension to the institution. The process and progress is closely monitored by Prof. Stephen Rawlinson, President-JRE Group of Institutions and Dr. Krishna Rao, Campus Director-JRE, and is ably coordinated by Mr. Manu Agarwal and Dr. Garima Jha.

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