Inauguration of Computer Literacy Program at Jaitpur Village

08 October, 2013: Digital skills are increasingly important for success in the modern world, and we are in a fortunate position to assist people in developing them both on and off campus. Partnerships are at the heart of this initiative, and JRE Group of Institutions in collaboration with Educomp Foundation inaugurated the“Computer Literacy” program at Jaitpur Village, Uttar Pradesh. Prof. Stephen Rawlinson (Academic President- JRE Group of Institutions), Mr. Manoj Gupta (Software Engineer & Social Activist) and Mr. Pramod Kumar (Gram Pradhan) launched the initiative by cutting the ribbon on 8th October, 2013. Currently, one system has been installed at Gram Pradhan’s House for teaching computer skills to the students of village, and Mr. Manoj Gupta has promised to provide another computer unit for use by the students.


The Social Responsibility Committee (SRC), JRE Group of Institutions in its collaboration with the Educomp Foundation has taken responsibility for supporting Primary Education in the village, and will now be extending its arm in computer literacy. The “Plan of Action” will include teaching the basics of computer as well as working with useful software. The SRC will also further develop its focus on empowering “Girl’s Education” in the village.

Many thanks to all who were involved, notably the leadership of the village for their foresight and vision, Dr Sushi Singh for her leadership of the Educomp Foundation and her passion for action supporting social causes and all participants from JRE

Dignitaries present:

Guest of Honour: Prof. Stephen Rawlinson, President, JRE Group of Institutions

Chief guest:  Mr  Manoj Gupta, Former Senior Engineer from Wipro, Dr. K.V. Rao, Dean JRE-SOE, Maj. Gen. R.N. Tikku (Senior Advisor, JRE) and Dr. Sushi Singh, Senior Consultant Educomp Foundation

Other participants were Prof. Sachin Batra, Mr. Manu Aggarwal and student volunteers.

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