Blood Donation Camp

On 8 October, 2013 JRE, in collaboration with AIIMS Blood Bank, conducted its third blood donation camp.  This took place in a specially designated room linked to the JRE Auditorium, and Dr. Prateek with his team and JRE student supporters created a clean, professional environment for the various stages of the process to take place. A team of doctors tested the blood from each of the volunteers, and each were provided with tea or coffee, bananas, juice and biscuits after the donation had taken place.


Prof Steve Rawlinson, Academic President briefly inaugurated the event and visited site with different members of the faculty and support staff throughout the day. The team of doctors thanked our College Director, faculty members, students and support staff for their cooperation and the event was declared successful.  Dr Manoj Tyagi and his team including student supporters are to be thanked for their support in addition to the team of doctors and most importantly: all those who donated whether faculty, support staff or student.

151 volunteers registered to donate blood, but the storage capacity was limited and 101 were able to complete the process.  Everybody is to be thanked for their dedication to this important event and we look forward to repeating this camp in the future. Daman Jain (JRE SOE) played a key role in successful organization of the camp. Congratulations to all!

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