JRE-SOE Students Celebrate World Water Monitoring Day

September 18, 2013, JRE celebrated World Water Monitoring Day by inaugurating organic farming at the JRE campus. The event was organized by the members of Eco Club comprising students of JRE-SOE. Based on the theme of “Relationships”, the event depicted the symbiotic relationship between man and nature built on mutual trust and care.

The importance of water conservation was artistically evoked through a “Nukkad Natak”; beautifully enacted by B. Tech students. The power-packed, energetic performance, succeeded in spreading the message of saving every drop of water.


After the street play Mr. Harpreet Singh, President, JRE Group of Institutions shared his views on water management and methods of conservation of water. Prof. Steven Rawlinson (Academic President) quoted from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by S.T Coleridge: “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” and appealed to the students to conserve drinkable water and sustain usable water resources.

In his address, Gn. Tikku commented on the sacrifice made by Mother Earth to nurture human life, and added that mankind must respect mother-earth by upholding the responsibility of conservation of nature.

After the inspiring speeches, everyone was invited to participate in the plantation ceremony. Highlight of the event was the plantation of over 500 banana plants by members of management, faculty, staff and the student community.

Eco-JRE The unique initiative by the Eco Club was highly appreciated and marked the opening of a new chapter in the history of JRE.

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