Digital Marketing Symposium 2013 – The winning Presentation

The winner of the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Symposium was the group that worked on the project”How to Promote YAMAHA through SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING”. The group members were Raspinder, Zain, Charu, Vijay, Vishal, Yogisha.


They designed the 30 days campaign for the company and named the  Campaign “13 Yrs Of Glory With 13 Stars”. Objectives of the campaign were Branding, Customer Engagement through conversations & increasing the fans. The  main focus was on Facebook, Twitter followed by E-mailers. The idea behind the Campaign connoted how  Yamaha entered in India in 1985 and in 2001 Yamaha India became a 100% subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd, Japan. So from 2001 to 2013, 13 yrs was to be depicted by 13 Stars. Out of 13 Stars- 12 were to be  chosen from Industry resembling the characteristics of Yamaha like MS Dhoni (Cool as Yamaha Bike) and more, and 1 Star would be selected from the common audience. This campaign presented was not about the 12 Stars but  the 1 Star which could be from the general public.

To select stars the students even designed the App, in which the general audience would  post their stories if they had done any heroic work or they knew someone who did. The winner would be selected on the basis of Voting, Likes, Comments & Tags. Other customer engagement strategies are Game (Biking) app & Avatar app (see yourself with Yamaha Classic Bike). Measurability of Campaign would be done using Radian 6 and more.”

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